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Greetings to all Law Enthusiasts!

We would like to invite you to the 1st International Conference on Transnational Business and Technology Law (ICTBTL 2022), an online conference which promotes current ideas and responses related to major changes in the areas of transnational business and technology law. Participants in this event, are hoped to contribute with policy recommendations that offer solutions in the field of transnational business and technology law to adapt to significant legal transformations in the future.
The main theme of the 1st ICTBTL 2022 is “Responding the Challenges of Restoring International Stability through the G20 Presidency in the Field of Transnational Business and Technology Law”. This theme was chosen as an effort and as a step towards global economic recovery and to increase cooperation between countries to recover and grow together.

This event is OPEN FOR PUBLIC, for everyone with a diploma, bachelor, magister degree in Law.


Call for Papers & The 1st ICTBTL 2022 focuses on two areas:

A. International Trade & Commerce Law
International Trade & Commerce Law (“ITC Law”) is carried out between countries on the basis of agreements between individuals, individuals with the government or the government of a country with the government of another country. The scope of ITC Law includes International Private Law & International Public Law, International Alternative Dispute Resolution & Arbitration, Tax Law, Investment Law, Maritime Law, International Trade Law, Business Competition Law, Banking Law, etc.

Subthemes in this panel discussion include, but however not limited to:

1. Understanding The Role of International Trade & Commerce Law to Overcome Global Challenges.
2. Discussing The Improvements and Regulations in Digital Transaction by Reforming the Global Taxation System Through the G20 Presidency.
3. The Role of G20 in Global Investment, Infrastructure Investment and Development on Economic Growth Through the G20 Presidency.
4. Indonesia’s Plan to Encourage Strengthening of Private & Public International Law Through the G20 Presidency; and
5. Agrarian Reform for Economic Recovery in Support of The G20 Presidency.

B. Information, Communication, and Technology Law (“ICT Law”)
ICT Law is a major concept concerning regulations of sectors that focus on the development of information, communication, and technology, and includes Cyber Law, Trade Law, Telecommunications Law, Personal Data Protection Law, Cyber Crime, Intellectual Property Law, etc.

This panel discussion, includes the following, but is not limited to, the following subthemes:

1. The impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Law on International Trade between The G20 Presidency Members.
2. Challenges in Cross Border Data Flow and Its Impact.
3. G20 Members Involvement in Establishing Regulation, Technology and Human Capital to Improve Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience.
4. Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Threats to Prevent National Economy Disruption, Metaverse and Cyber Security in the Digital Economy; and
5. The Challenges in the World of NFT Investments.

We also welcome submissions on the following areas:

1. Building Resilience of The Global Health System during COVID-19.
2. New Normal and Digital Transformation during Pandemic.
3. Harmonization of Global Health Protocol Standards for COVID-19.
4. Equitable Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccines.
5. Micro, Small, & Medium Enterprises (MSME) Business Development during COVID-19.
6. The Effectiveness of The G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group (ACWG) Meeting on Supervision of Money Laundering.
7. The Influence of The Corruption Eradication Commission (CEC) as A Compendium in The G20 The Effectiveness of The G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group (ACWG) towards Supervision in Money Laundering Corruption Crimes.

1. E-Certificate
2. SAT points (Binusians only)

ICTBTL 2022 comprises:
1. Best Paper Competition (3 winners)
2. Best Presentation Competition (3 winners)
3. International Conference with prestigious people



Paper Submission
Deadline 15 November
Link Paper submission:

Registration Participants
Registration conference:

For further questions, please contact:
🤵🏻Daffa (+6281585111100)
🤵🏻Jayden (+6287775581117)

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